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Private Enterprise Zahidny Bug is the agricultural company, the main activity areas of which include the cultivation of cereal, industrial and fodder crops, their storage and distribution.

The company’s mission is meeting the needs of the food market with crop products at competitive prices through the organization of the process of high-tech cultivation of field crops on the basis of using the best national and international practices and involving the optimal number of highly qualified personnel.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Achieving yield by crop product types at the level of European indexes, increasing gross indexes of crop production.
  2. Optimization of staff size through the employment of highly qualified personnel, increasing staff loyalty, establishing relations of trust, decreasing the number of internal accounting operations, decreasing the number of guards.
  3. Increasing indexes of the business profitability through optimization of costs, improvement in turnover, optimization of stock of commodities.
  4. Increasing the efficiency of the management team, qualification level of employees through the continuous training of the personnel.
  5. Increasing the efficiency of management processes through maximal involvement of modern IT-technologies.
  6. Ensuring high levels of compensation for every employee depending on the contribution to the total result.
  7. Ensuring maximally high production indexes due to the best techniques of cultivation and handling of plants, as well as storage of products.

The enterprise was founded in 2003 and started its activity on 2 thousand hectares of the land. Currently, 36 thousand hectares of the land are being leased in several regions of Lviv and Volyn. The company employs about 400 persons.

In 2011, the agrochemical laboratory started its operation. Agronomists-analysts develop the plant nutrition system on the basis of the laboratory studies.

Starting from 2012, three elevators in Brody, Busk and Sokal districts were included in the enterprise structure with the simultaneous storage capacity of 78 thousand tons of grain.

In 2013, in the town of Brody the modern seed plant was commissioned, the productivity of which is 200 tons of seeds of cereal crops per day.

In 2014, the enterprise received the status of elite and reproductive seed farming.

In 2015, the first line of silo storage warehouses for seed materials was commissioned in the Brody elevator.

In 2016, the enterprise entirely switched to the subsoil tillage technique.

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