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An elevator complex – Zakhidnyi Bug PE provides full range of services for grain receiving, processing, storage and shipment of cereal and oil crops for farmers, agricultural enterprises and commercial entities.

18.11.16 (5)

Storage services for crops and their derivatives of each elevator comply with applicable rules and standards, normative and legal acts for corps and their derivatives storage in cornhouses.

The laboratory of the elevator complex provides full spectrum of appropriate analysis of corn quality during the whole storage period. This control is rewarding by stable high performance of final goods.

The effective storage capacity of Zakhidnyi Bug Elevator Complex is over 68 thousand tons simultaneously. The annual turnover is 200 thousand tons.

Our benefits:

  • Long term experience on grain storage market;
  • Extended branching network of elevator capacities in Lviv Region: Sokalskyi, Bus’kyi and Brodivskyi districts;
  • Certified conditions for grain storage and quality assurance;
  • Optimal and transparent tariff policy;
  • Qualified personnel and accurate recording system;
  • Implementation of modern equipment of famous foreign and domestic brands as well as grain processing and storage technologies enable receiving raw materials of different quality and moisture levels with its further conditioning for export, that ensures corn and oil crops exporting at a level of world standards.

Zakhidnyi Bug Elevator Complex receives agricultural products of high humidity, impurity content and brings them up to market standards.

We are inviting you to cooperation which becomes a secure foundation for your business.

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