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Services seed plant

We provide services for cleaning, calibration and seed dressing.
We work with the following crops:
Packing is in 10kg containers of up to 1,000 kg.
Each stage of cleaning and grading seed is in German equipment Petkus.

    The separator Petkus U15

    The exact dosage and uniform application of disinfectants for seeds

    foto 118

    Willy Niklas dressers 14

    Yellow (primary) and thin (secondary) treatment, which ensures removal of plant remains, fine grain and weed seeds


    Trier Petkus TA-01/12

    Withdrawal of long and short impurities from seeds


    Pnevmotable Petkus KD 400

    Bold seeds with the highest proportion for best sown seed characteristics.

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The cost of handling seeds

Services of purification, calibration of seeds, UAH/ton  550
Services of purification, calibration + treatment of seeds, UAH/ton  600
Services of treatment of seeds (without the cost of protectants, without purification), UAH/ton  150