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Our company has all the opportunities for productive activities and career development as experienced professionals with long experience  and for ambitious young professionals. We are open to anyone who wants to move forward, seeks to develop and implement their ideas.

With the aim of improving and deepening of knowledge workers, we develop staff development programs, such as seminars, training, conducting leading experts of our company and qualified professionals educational institutions and partner companies.


Becoming a member of our team, you will receive:

  • work in a stable and growing companies;
  • formal, high wages;
  • development and improvement of professional skills;
  • bonuses for personal contributions to the company.

The list of vacancies in our agricultural business in Lviv Region:

Made by company special for Zahidny BUG

We hope that you are willing to cooperate with the private agricultural company "Western Bug" and that you will become an integral part of our agrarian family.
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If currently we cannot offer you a position according to your professional experience and qualification, then your CV will be saved in the database of candidates and can be considered in the near future!

Staff development is essential for the success of any organization. This is particularly true at present, when accelerating scientific progress leads to rapid changes and requirements for professional knowledge and skills.

Professional development is acquiring new competencies, knowledge and skills by an employee, which he/she uses or will use in his/her professional career. The importance of professional development is evidenced by the fact that most foreign companies allocate up to 10% of payroll for this purpose.

This figure is even slightly higher at “Zahidny Bug” Private Enterprise. Since, for example, in 2016 the company’s budget included the planned expenditures over UAH 4 million for professional training. We have a clear understanding that investments in human capital are aimed at improving the staff’s skills and qualification; such investments are spending on education and mobile movement of labour from low-productive jobs to more high-productive. Investments in staff, in our view, help to create a favourable climate in the team, motivate employees to their improvement and enhance their commitment to the organization.

It should be stressed that training of employees at “Zahidny Bug” Private Enterprise begins immediately after hiring for all positions: managers, agronomists, engineers, accountants, tractor drivers, etc., and continues throughout the period of employment with the company.

Based on one of the units of “Zahidny Bug” Private Enterprise situated in Byshiv village of Radekhiv district the conditions were created for education and training of tractor drivers who are being hired, as well as for improving qualification of existing employees. For this purpose two training classes were equipped designed for 12 and 30 seats. Training is performed by two experienced specialists of the company involved in this activity on a regular basis, as well as involved agronomists and engineers of the company’s units. During training, tractor drivers and operators have an opportunity to review the overall structure, especially the operation, maintenance and minor repairs of agricultural machinery and equipment.

In order to improve the efficiency of training process, our specialists have developed the workbooks in which the fundamental information of the course is presented in the form of schemes, comparative tables, classifications, characteristics, definitions, figures, lists, as well as the possibility for noting additional information is provided. For the purpose of consolidating the theoretical material, during training the machinery of the company is used which is allocated in the company’s unit in Byshiv village, as well as training stands, simulators and other equipment.

Further, the company creates all prerequisites for professional development of employees. For example, our company agronomists have the opportunity to constantly receive information and consulting support from leading European experts, to attend various training activities in order to gain knowledge, to travel, including abroad, for the purpose of studying the experience of leading agricultural enterprises.

In order to encourage professional development and efficient working, we have introduced the differentiated approach to remuneration of tractor drivers, which directly depends on the qualification level. We convinced that it had had a positive impact on the results of working in this category of employees, and namely had led to increased quality of technological operations, improved level of machinery operation and maintenance. Therefore, in 2016 we plan to use a similar scheme for agronomists and accountants of the company.

From the beginning of 2017 a similar scheme was applied for accountants and engineers of the company. On the basis of the training program that was conducted for the specified categories of employees, question papers were formed for examination. As a result of the examination, the committee granted the categories to accountants and engineers. According to the categories granted, the differentiated salaries were set that meet the qualification of employees. It should be noted separately in this case the accountant of the unit of Zhvirka town Mariana Ivanivna Karatnyk, who scored maximum points during the examination, which is the best result among employees of the company. Mariana Ivanivna Karatnyk was awarded an additional bonus and certificate of honour.

Professional development combined with the possibility of career development based on a high level of qualification enables the company to achieve its goals. Training at “Zahidny Bug” Private Enterprise can solve the basic problem both for the convenience of the company, through improvement of the efficiency and quality of work, and for the convenience of the people, through increased living standards, creating the opportunity to realize their abilities.

Main activities of “Zahidny Bug” Private Enterprise in the field of professional development are:

  • covering all employees of the company from top-management to linear staff by the process of professional development on a regular basis;
  • defining and applying different types, forms and methods of professional training of employees;
  • developing and implementing working curricula and programs for professional development of employees based on the needs of the company;
  • creating the proper material and technical base for training: equipped classrooms, equipment, machinery and others;
  • involving in the training process as teaching staff the best specialists of the company, as well as carriers of advanced knowledge and best practices in the field, including foreign specialists, for the purpose of professional training of employees directly at the company (on-site) and abroad;
  • stimulating professional development of employees through differentiated approach to remuneration based on qualification;
  • analyzing of results of certification and taking measures for the purpose of improving professional level of employees;
  • providing career opportunities provided that the employee reaches the appropriate qualification level.